Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does the distrust of US intent originate?

Finding a way is intrinsic to the American experience. People from all over the world flood into the country, anyway they can, to attend our Universities, to take advantage of our medical expertise and to enjoy a way of life that is as only as limited as the human spirit. Is our country formed by this growth? Certainly it is!

The flood of people into the US in recent years has made assimilation "inconvenient" rather than a necessity. It's human nature to put one's effort where it will create the greatest advantage, and that may not include trying to fit in. Finding others in your situation may be more appealing than learning a new language. When mere survival has been a primary drive, it may take awhile to become satiated enough to want to fit in. But when we see the unwillingness to assimilate and the well waxed legal representation that is capitalizing on political correctness, we get exasperated that we have no voice. Problems to the south of the U.S. create well kindled motivation to act and ask questions later. But, what will happen when the days of plenty become squeezed? The high oil prices will have a ripple effect that will be felt for months.

When we remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have we are motivated to help others, as we have as a nation, coming to the aid of others worldwide for decades. But we have been so blessed by the checks and balances of a functioning constitution, however imperfect it may seem, that we take our freedoms for granted. Someone who's functioning on a survival level will be unable to see an incentive for us to "help out" and will certainly only assume that we will make it right via some exchange that may not be wholeheartedly accepted; thus the distrust.

Granted, backroom deals have been going on since trade began, though these days, we may be able to have lawyers at every transaction worldwide. And now we do have an interesting bind: Can we claim to be perfectly altruistic and give up claims to Iraqi oil? Of course not! Sometimes I just wish that those who constantly demonize oil companies would pledge that they would not use oil themselves and pledge that they will use only their own money in making such a public spectacle of suing the oil companies, when it is we who pay the litigation fees at the pump for years! Just when is this little farce going to end? I never would have believed that environmentalist would have the audacity to castrate our free society. So perhaps the distrust originates from distrust of intent for starters and is surreptitiously carried through by warriors of the pen via media. Oh, that is caustic, is it not?

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