Saturday, July 12, 2008

The religion of Global Warming from

I really must share this with my readers. It's a post from that is so brilliant that I wanted to leave it intact.

"Global warming: religion, not science
Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal has discovered that belief in global warming is like belief in religion:
If even slight global cooling remains evidence of global warming, what isn't evidence of global warming? What we have here is a nonfalsifiable hypothesis, logically indistinguishable from claims for the existence of God. This doesn't mean God doesn't exist, or that global warming isn't happening. It does mean it isn't science.
I’ve previously explained that global warming is a key part of post-Christian Mother Nature worship. The message is finally getting out there.
Bret writes:
[I]t is in keeping with this essentially religious outlook that the "solutions" chiefly offered to global warming involve radical changes to personal behavior, all of them with an ascetic, virtue-centric bent: drive less, buy less, walk lightly upon the earth and so on. A light carbon footprint has become the 21st-century equivalent of sexual abstinence.
That’s exactly correct. Easy solutions to lowering carbon emissions, like replacing coal power plants with nuclear power plants (a proven scalable way to generate large amounts of electricity without carbon emissions), are rejected. "

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