Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uncivil Unions - HUMAN EVENTS

Ann Coulter's acerbic wit elicited the following comments from "Saali"; one of her readers;

Ann: "the progressive mind set is one that has emerged to drive a wedge between those with ability and talent and those without."

Saali: "I would just like to add that it is incumbent upon the able and the talented to help those less able not to fall too far behind and feel abandoned. The plus side is that the less able usually appreciate the capable for doing so."

Me: "This type of thinking lead to various embarrassing statements by a woman three steps from the Presidency, Pelosi, about taking some time off to 'follow your dreams,' and 'unemployment checks help the economy.' We are living in a surreal universe!"

The link to Ann Coulter's post follows>>>
Uncivil Unions - HUMAN EVENTS