Monday, August 30, 2010

Care To Go Flying?

This is truly pushing the envelope and I've always enjoyed the thrill of high velocity. Don't do this on your nearby mountain road! Press HERE to go very fast.

Restoring Honor

Leaders create controversy merely by their bold choicez. Give some of your time to listen to what Glenn says here. Pause it and pick it up later, if need be (that's what I did). Because of the politically charged period that exists today, there will be abundant nay sayers who belittle merely for effect. But if we all just take the time to do what we know to be the right things when presented with choicez, we can begin to once again charge into the future with enthusiasm rather than fear it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Care To Go Flying?

This is truly pushing the envelope. Don't do this at home!

KY Tunstall Oozes Creativity

This Rocks!

The Ebb And Flow Of True Greatness

I procrastinate with struggling with issues of faith, so they're way back on a back burner, though I am moved by a beautiful choir that plucks the heartstrings of youthful memories of innocence where everything seemed possible and abundance was boundless.The controversial Glenn Beck reviewed a song sung during Reagan's funeral reading the words to remind us of values beyond ourselves.