Friday, December 3, 2010

Wild Snowboarder Releases A Heartstopping Movie, "Deeper".

Jeremy Jones takes RISKS!   If you click n the title, you will be at Jeremy's site.  If you click on the text, "Jeremy Jones takes RISKS", you will see Charles Payne interviewing Jeremy while Charles is hosting "Stuart Varney and Company".

Monday, October 25, 2010

Demographics Decide For Us

In "America Alone", Mark Steyn covered the effects of Demographics on the planet.  It was a wake up call.  Here is a version quicker than reading a book.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bird

The Bird

by Jillian Ann on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 6:08pm
Once Upon a time there was a magical bird, she would come to visit and if she felt safe and inspired she would stay, many didn't know she was a magical bird and would scream and yell at her to leave. They would get upset when she ate their food, they would think she was a nuisance and scare her away. She never really minded leaving for she always had her wings. Once day someone saw the bird and decided that even though it was a strange bird they would feed it and told the bird she could stay and she was safe. The bird decided to stop flying around in big circle and built a nest, then sometime later the one who took her in came out and found the bird was gone.

 They looked in her nest and there were eggs but these were not normal eggs, one was silver, one was gold and one was something unknown. The bird never returned, but it turned out what it had left was a gift ten fold to all it had been given. The bird went back to flying then landed somewhere new, someone found her and liked how she sang. Then they decided to take her into the city and have her sing, people would throw quarters at the bird and the one who brought her there took the money and went back and spent it all. Afraid of losing the bird they built a cage, the bird could no longer fly, afraid of never being able to fly again the bird would beat her wings against the bars, each day they would take the bird into the city to sing. One day the bird just laid there nothing came out, stupid bird, they yelled, sing, now, and they bird looked up and then closed its eyes.  The owner now had no use for the bird to feed it seemed senseless so they release the bird, the bird flew away and found a tree.

Then  The bird found a little girl, the bird knew children could see more then the adults so the bird went  to the little girl, the little girl ran to their mother begging to keep the bird as a pet. Her mother looked at the worn out skinny bird, the mother rolled her eyes, if you must. The little girl built the bird a nest, and put her stuffed animals in, then she would feed the bird off of her own plate, she told the bird stories and she loved the little bird. She didn't know the bird could sing, she didn't know it laid magic eggs, she just loved it because she still remembered not all things around magic eggs or quarters. One day she found a magic egg, she looked at the bird and the bird looked back, and because she knew that animals can talk she talked back, ok its our secret.  The little girl hid the eggs from everyone, and kept the bird quiet, and for years she took care of the bird, until she was no longer a little girl. Soon she was a women so she took the bird with her and she moved into the city, she moved to the top of a building so the bird could still feel like it was in a tree.  One day she came home and the bird was gone, but it had left behind so many magic eggs that the women never had to worry about anything ever again. But she missed her friend and she would go to the top of the building and look to the sky put her hand on her heart and send her love out to the bird through the sky.  

The bird continued on its journey, sometimes people would receive a magical gift in return for their love, sometimes they would receive nothing and would almost kill the magical creature, if you caged the bird it would not sing, nor leave a gift, if you tried to hold the bird down it would just fly away, the only way you could keep the bird was to love it, to nurture it, to let it feel safe. Because it was a bird it knew when it wasn't and then no magic would happen, if they yelled at the bird told the bird it was useless or sucked, if they beat the bird to try to make it do something the bird would only close its eyes and in its mind go away to a place inside of its mind where it would fly and there inside it was safe.  The bird could only do its magic when it was safe, loved, nurtured, and not afraid for its life, or afraid of being harmed. The little girl saw this because the little girl was the same way.... but many couldn't see this for they had forgotten that love feeds magic ...

She loved the bird even if it didn't sing, she loved the bird even if it didn't give her gifts, she just loved the bird to love the bird, she loved the bird even when they bird flew away to somewhere else and left her, she loved the bird so much even then she would go out and send her love through the sky to the bird every  night  . The bird could feel this love through the sky, and the bird knew who was sending it . On night the bird returned to the rooftop to visit the one who loved her so much. She had grown older and the bird stayed for awhile, left some magic eggs, this time the women had a child , and she brought the child to the roof top to meet the bird..

The child's eyes grew wide, and she smiled as she reached out to pet the bird. Then she tried to hold the bird and keep her from flying, the bird looked to the mother, and then the mother looked to the child. You cannot hold the bird you can only love her, you have to let her be a bird, you cannot change her from being a bird, if you do it will destroy her , you can only love her, you cannot own her. The child looked to the motherdo you own me? no,does anyone own anyone ,no, are we all like birds ? yes  , so I have to just let the bird be a bird and if it leaves it leaves but to love is to love the bird even if it is just a bird that doesn't sing? that doesn't leavemagical gifts ? even if the bird may leave and never return, yes...

Then the bird looked to the sky, then looked them both in the eyes, but I don't want the bird to leave, I will miss the bird its so pretty, it's ok to miss the bird, it's ok to love the bird but to cage it will kill the bird ,the little girl looked sad, but then how do I love a bird thats not here? The bird is still here, and she put her hand over her daughters heart, and will always be here, and you can send the bird love through the sky and the bird will feel it and send it back .. The love never dies unless we let it, unless we believe it or we destroy it by trying to hold on to it, to cage it or own it.

Then the bird flew away into the sunset and every night until the little girl died she would go to the roof over the city and place her hand over her heart and send her love over the sky to the bird and to all those she ever loved that had flown away and then she would feel it coming back through her hands and back into her heart.  Each night her heart grew larger , even though she was alone on a rooftop in the center of a city, every time she put her hand on her heart and sent her love out, the love within her only became deeper, richer, and she would close her eyes and find herself flying, high , above the cities above the fear, above the cages alongside the bird.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Split Bamboo Pole

While walking the dogs over at the College nearby I happened upon a fly fisherman practicing.  There’s a real art to whipping the line in such a way that its mass can carry the hook some distance on the water.  I mentioned the antique split bamboo pole, Ocean Brand, TokyoJapan, that my late wife had shown me years ago. While describing the kit 
a flood of memories awakened my senses, not only of my late wife and her enthusiasm, but of a day outing I’d had on the Deshutes river in Oregon with a fly fisherman thirty years ago.  My buddy had been effective at duplicating the look of the flies that the fish feasted on.  He caught and released several fish while others nearby were asking him for advice to which he gave up tidbits of information to give them something to work on.  I learned a little about fly fishing that day.  I saw through a window into the relaxation and satisfaction that keeps a fly fisherman intent on perfecting an art.  Now in California I often remind myself how lucky I have been to have experienced all that I have and to remember to count my blessings.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The budget should be balanced

“The budget should be balanced. The treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” Cicero – 55 B.C.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Luxury To Complain

Voters who voted in the current administration lack the patience to really understand the building blocks that enable them to have the luxury to complain. Such Irony!In the video link preceding these words Charles Payne discusses the mass exodus of major companies from California. I can hear the cry of the liberals, "That greedy company abandoning our unions! Our prez will slow them down!"...more like hobble even more.

If you wait for the next clip, Cavuto let's the self made Home Depot creator, Bernie Marcus, compare the present times to the less hobbled period in which he grew his business. Later he discusses the Atlanta Aquarium that enabled him to give back to America...concepts rapidly moving towards obsolescence in our move towards entitlement. Note that the link may disappear over time and I'll do my best to make sure the target of the link stays set.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Care To Go Flying?

This is truly pushing the envelope and I've always enjoyed the thrill of high velocity. Don't do this on your nearby mountain road! Press HERE to go very fast.

Restoring Honor

Leaders create controversy merely by their bold choicez. Give some of your time to listen to what Glenn says here. Pause it and pick it up later, if need be (that's what I did). Because of the politically charged period that exists today, there will be abundant nay sayers who belittle merely for effect. But if we all just take the time to do what we know to be the right things when presented with choicez, we can begin to once again charge into the future with enthusiasm rather than fear it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Care To Go Flying?

This is truly pushing the envelope. Don't do this at home!

KY Tunstall Oozes Creativity

This Rocks!

The Ebb And Flow Of True Greatness

I procrastinate with struggling with issues of faith, so they're way back on a back burner, though I am moved by a beautiful choir that plucks the heartstrings of youthful memories of innocence where everything seemed possible and abundance was boundless.The controversial Glenn Beck reviewed a song sung during Reagan's funeral reading the words to remind us of values beyond ourselves.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Is Hillary Really Dropping Political Pretense Or...?

This is a couple of days late since I'm at my niece's wedding in Springdale, Arkansas. It appears a turning point has been reached in the Democratic administration. Hillary Clinton was outspoken, speaking honestly and clearly revealing what she's dealing with as Secretary of State. The world's political leaders are growing reluctant to listen to the ideas put forth by the United States since the US appears to be on a self-destructive financial course itself; a "spit in the eye" as it were, to her boss, the President. Hillary is clearly posturing for future ambitions, but how refreshing to hear such honesty without an intrinsic spin.

In Bill O'Reilly's segment with Dick Morris a couple of days ago, where I saw the footage of Hillary, only the political calculation was discussed with no mention of her revealing clarity of our slipping position in world politics.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bill The Teflon Dragon

I hope you enjoy my parody of "Puff The Magic Dragon".

It was fun to put together!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Never Be Afraid To Fail

Thomas Edison didn't consider that he'd ever failed. It just didn't work 10,000 times. Honda has a lesson we all need. Click here to see it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Looping Is Awesome!

Looping is my latest interest. ""> This is JazzGuitman using a "boomerang" set up.