Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking The Lid Off Of The Economy.

My former entries were bombastic and a little on the wild side as I condemned the new presidency as a truly Statist organization as defined in Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny”. Since I’m not held to the confines of a pro writer, I have no limits to my bombast other than common sense, and that, marginally.

But it is becoming painfully obvious that our leaders have no desire to help their citizenry in ways that truly matter. The financial world is looking to China to ease the strains put on the world economy! The obvious explosion of capitalism in China is overwhelming the iron fist of Communism. Given half a chance, capitalism grows like a weed!

In the August 10th, 2009 issue of Business week ,

Maria Bartiromo asks Donald Tang of CITIC,

“Was China smarter than the U.S. about stimulating the economy?”

Mr. Tang answered with, “Policymakers have really tried to take advantage of the crisis to transform the economy from an export economy led by the coastal region to [one led by] domestic consumption by, for example, giving customers vouchers to buy electronic goods and reducing taxes to put money in their pockets.”

Maria Bartiromo, “You were in China two weeks ago. What has happened on the ground?”

Joseph Meuse /Belmont Partners, “I’m telling you they’re already past the recession. The economy is humming. I see at least a 9% GDP growth.

Maria Bartiromo, “Are the Chinese amazed we’re still stuck in the recession?”

“That’s right. They’re holding all the cards and will continue to do so. There is a feeling here that China is still stuck in some kind of Third World mentality. It’s not. It’s a superpower.”

As anyone who lived through Reaganomics knows, lowering taxes stimulates growth. When conferring with the economist Arthur Laufer, Ronald Reagan took a chance and the rest is history with the capitalist machine making the United States the place to be for thirty years. Strong leaders can take chances that give power to others. Weak leaders are convinced they need all the power they can get. Our President has proven himself to be a micro manager, cautiously doling out snippets of “stimulus”, hoping to restart the economic engine, just enough to generate a healthy flow of taxes that he can regulate like a kid fine tuning his motorbike for maximum economy. I think he’s got some definition misunderstandings between “economy” and “the economy”, since he’s been “educated” ever mindful of the imbalance of power in America, in the best grooming institution of the politically successful. It’s one thing to ignore history, yet another to ignore Chinese capitalism’s health readily available for all to see. It would appear that our President’s vanity is clouding his vision that he will be accepted as the leader of the Big Boy’s club, but it’s all about leverage and traction. There’s a reason the USA has garnered respect amid controversy for so long. Don’t presume anything in the real world.

In true statist form the president has taken a crisis and carried the uncertainty forward with his own bombast. He is on a mission of control. Citizens are merely obstacles to be overcome and milked for all they’re worth. Our “leadership” is elitist in nature and above we mere subjects, as they prepare our lives of servitude. It is truly unbelievable that the Democrats are going along with this madness! Where are the Liebermans of the party now? I haven’t made an entry for awhile because I was hoping the former writing on the wall was misunderstood. It was not and my fears are building about the future of our great nation.

Thankyou, President Obama, for bringing thunderstorms to my future! I have confidence you have no desire to get your head out of the clouds. My next greatest hope is that you’re gripped by forces we can’t see, possibly the money behind your advantages, that have produced leverage on you to make you act counter to American values and that you will level with us when you can’t take the hypocracy anymore.

Wishful thinking.