Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zombies At Maverick's Thrill(er) The Crowd For Halloween 2013

It's way too easy for me to put off going to the gym, so I was intent on getting over there yesterday afternoon, just after I got rid of a computer problem. Well (a deep subject), you know how that can go! 

Several hours later I was on my bike for the half mile jaunt to the gym, by now a little nippy for shorts and t-shirt, the day before Halloween. When I got there, a woman with a bike and trailer with a couple of kids was trying to figure out why her rear wheel was loose. The nut for the quick release hub was missing, so there was no way she was going to be riding home on her bike. Sometimes you can get lucky solving things so I just asked what was her route, figuring the nut must have come undone fairly close with all the weight from the bike trailer. So I backtracked 100 feet and found it sitting on the sidewalk, fixed it and sent her on her way with smiles all around.

 So as I went into the gym, there were 20 or so zombies doing a live performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", so I caught a little of it on my phone. Then I found out there was a buffet with soft corn tortillas, plenty of meat, chicken, onions and cilantro. Yahoo turned out to be a great day! :-) 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Porto di Maratea, a bordo del caicco North Star. Tyrrhenian Sea

I love Italy and Rocco Giove has some great views in Southern Italy.  I don't speak Italian either, but even if I don't understand it, it's authentic though incomprehensible.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Math Doesn't Add Up; So Who's Minding The Store?

 Government jobs are overhead expenses.  Just how is that sustainable?  Imagine if you had 6 cleaning professionals looking for work around your 1700 square foot ranch house and you couldn't send anyone home by mandate.  Even if you found something to do, if it didn't help your bottom line down the road, you couldn't afford them.  Would that be sustainable?  Common sense dictates that unless you're altruistic and or independently wealthy, you'd have to recover your losses somewhere down the road.  That is the simplicity of it. Governments are irresponsible if they operate differently.

Let's take a household with an annual income of  $24,500
and their annual outlay is                                    $35.370

Annual Credit Card Debt is 35,370-24,500  =  $10,870
With an existing Credit Card debt of                 $16,750 

What would you say to them if they asked for advice?

John Stossel printed this on a board and showed it to passers by in Manhattan.  When he flipped over the board, he revealed that if you add a few zeros,
you're looking at the Federal Debt:                  $2,450,000,000,000
with a Federal yearly budget of                      $3,537,000,000,000

Annual Credit Card Debt is                           $1,087,000,000,000
and an existing Credit debt of                        $16,750,000,000,000 

Won't anybody get serious out there in Washington?