Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Victor Davis Hanson on McCabe's 25th Amendment Comments

Victor Davis Hanson is a published scholar within Stanford's Hoover Institute. His,article (click here),  in a newspaper is being discussed here, below.

The unraveling of an ongoing coup to "protect us" is complex in the layers that would have remained hidden had Hillary been elected. Twenty-five members of the FBI upper management have been removed from office for their actions as part of the corruption that was protected by the willing mainstream media on a daily basis who almost in lockstep mirrored each other in the daily "news". Trump's bombastic expression calling news "fake news" has really kept those who help elect him informed of the incremental creep Trump observed, primarily bolstered by his own familiarity with media presentation effects on the viewing audience. Since the layers were masterminded within the FBI, "need to know" was strictly limited to measured leaks made by upper management of the FBI itself! The dogged persistence of those who kept the possibility of such actions alive for literally two years have been lambasted regularly during that whole time and those who accepted the denunciation of Trump's sanity are very reluctant to believe such a thing is true. Many legal immigrants have appeared on television and radio shows lamenting the progress of progressives' attempts to twist the Constitution to their liking hidden under the secrecy of the FBI. These immigrants left their own countries for the unlimited hope provided to Americans here as they see the creep towards a dictatorship underway in their new home. Many have seen it before.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Travelling Through Time

Every time I lift the brass handle, hear that familiar hand built waxed wood opening sound of wood on wood, I feel a pleasure ride through time; sounds of simplicity.  The handle release echoes sounds unchanged through the passage of time.  How the world has changed though the echoes  of that sound.  What circumstances and for what purpose was that drawer opened in 1763?

Having spent years building and designing fine furniture for others, my senses put me in the mind of the builder and user of fine works that have travelled through time to arrive at this moment in history of infinite "nows". Yes, history becomes progressively precious as that string of "nows" accumulates.  As a builder, the unexpected details left unfinished on the backs of drawers or on the undersides reveal decisions of the builder as the piece came together. Such details add rather than subtract as they reveal the journey of the hand craft.  Uneven dovetails predate later mechanization; a testament.

Travels open our minds to the infinite creativity of builders throughout our planet that have chosen to respect the trees from whence their hands have hewn organizers for possessions that frame our lives in a nest of refined quality.