Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep Political Correctness Off The Battlefield. Free the L10!

"There's something wrong in this country." In the words of Colonel Allen West, soldiers have been imprisoned for violations of poorly defined orders that are the result of court decisions driven by the likes of the ACLU, forcing political correctness onto the battlefield. It's a pathetic waste of human capital that those who choose to defend American values be shackled by leaders unwilling to defend their men. Those who join a volunteer army deserve to be protected from academic discussions made in a court removed from the fluid challenges faced by troops. In a complex and multifaceted society such as ours, responsible leaders buffer their people from the expectations of the inexperienced. Colonel Allen West gave a speech to a number of parents, friends and supporters of those held in Leavenworth Prison.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rubio Discusses Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

Rubio clarifies a nuanced approach to U. S. Foreign Policy. This is the most logical, nuanced and lucid representation I've heard out of Washington. For once a presentation hasn't been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator or shallow talking points. This speech is spoken by a leader. This is a person who respects his position and wishes to influence Americans to strive to unify towards a common vision. Nice change. I listened to this twice because I'm distrustful enough to suspect that honest nuanced logic out of Washington is not possible. Having lived overseas for 10 years, it's clear that the World functions best when the USA leads.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Brilliant Designers Over Regulation Hampers Risk Reward Time To Market

I have a peripheral interest in computer technology, even though speed on my home machine isn’t particularly important. My stock service recommended a flash hard drive company back in July of last year (OCZ). It has been a disappointing investment because it has been used as a financial pump of sorts for those savvy investors who “short” the market, i.e. make money when the price goes down. OCZ threatened a lawsuit with the SEC to make a point about it. So I’ve been watching from the sidelines waiting for that big break out I would hope to happen with such cutting edge technology. As I’ve tried to keep updated on their position in the competition to survive the risk reward whims of the market, I’ve been drawn in to try to understand the concepts.
There have been several iterations to the drives with technical and stability improvements. There has been some price lowering. In the general scheme of things, the esoteric power users suffer through the R&D with glitches here and there from speed differences adapting to existing buses on motherboards. When those issues are resolved, the engineers move on to the next challenge and the stable drives hit full production for the rest of us. But the cycle time from competition makes it difficult for the companies to cover their investment, especially when they’re squeezed with greater regulations by those who take their brilliance for granted. The drives have evolved as hybrids where there have been various ratios of hard drive for slower needs and flash memory buffering some of the RAM and CPU cache memories. New bottlenecks appear when speed eliminates the last bottleneck, all driven by competition and brilliant people intent on solving problems. Information transfer buses got wider and wider upping the amount of information that can transfer at ever increasing clock speeds. It all becomes so mind boggling! In a new wave, smartphones and cloud computing have made servers a focus to relieve bandwidth bottlenecks. Consequently there appear to be designers attempting to move past the bottleneck of operating system software, to shuffle around the system architecture. Operating systems, like Windows act like relatively archaic gate keepers. So it looks like OCZ may become obsolete before the market settles. C’est la vie!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parents Tasked With Unraveling Identity Theft Of Their Three Year Old!

A three year old was required to obtain a social security number because of health problems requiring social services assistance. When the parents were told their son made too much money to qualify for help they were on their own to unravel their mysterious problem. Turned out that an illegal alien had made up a number that later was assigned to their son six years prior to their son's birth! Social Services was unwilling to help them figure out what was going on!!!!

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Excerpts From Charles Payne's Writings

The moral dishonesty concerning what our leadership tells the American people is galling. Or else they live in a bubble and really believe what they say??

Obama and Hobbes

The President is urging us not to believe in capitalism, and instead to work as a socialist collective, not unlike English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. This has been tried before and has detrimental flaws.

The World is On Fire

I'm flipping the channel last night and see Bill Maher with the most bogus chart ever. It showed fourth quarter GDP for America and a few other nations. America was 3.0% and all the others were much lower, some were negative. Bull!!!

All those countries were old stodgy European countries that have already wrecked themselves with the very policies Obama and Maher claim are the cure. In the meantime, that table somehow missed these countries (and their GDP growth) Angola (3.4), Argentina (7.3), Chile (4.5), China (8.9), Columbia (6.1), India (6.1), Indonesia (6.5), Israel (3.7), Kazakhstan (8.7), Latvia (5.7), Lithuania (4.3), Malaysia (5.2), Mexico (3.7), Mongolia (14.9), Namibia (3.80), Paraguay (3.4), Peru (5.5), Saudi Arabia (6.8), Singapore (3.6), South Korea (3.3) and Sri Lanka (8.43).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Five Bring Opposing Views Together With Wit!

Dear "The Five",

I like the wit you all bring into our homes; keep up the good work!

You have, in my view, the quintessential personalities and viewpoints represented on your show this poor battered country needs right now. You obviously have admiration for each other despite the differing views. Bob is a bit more human than the more pedantic Alan Colmes as a representative of their unbelievable viewpoint. I went through the 60s and I wasn't so warped. I started College in 1968, saw Hendrix and Traffic, experimented full bore like most everyone and one of my friends even burned the Bank Of America in Santa Barbara then went on to help McGovern. But Bob; you leave those ridiculous ideas in your youth! I mean, how can an intelligent person think like that???!!! Intelligence in wit only, methinks?

The reason for this email is the outrageous societal stretches done by Greg Gutfeld. It dawned on me that he may well be the Voltaire of our times! Having him sit next to the sweet and at times, saucy Dana Perino has changed her forever. There's no returning to her former self now that she's allowed herself to "grok" the meanderings of Gutfeld who honed his outrageousness in the quick witted "Redeye", but then, I'm from the hinterlands. What do I know?

I love the latitude that Kimberly Guilfoyle demonstrates when she's on your show rather than the relative straight jacket necessary for being "Fair and Balanced" which no one is in real life. In all reality, it was "The Factor" that initially opened the window to Foxnews and the Bolder, Fresher take on things. I enjoy Kimberly rockin' out during segways to commercials.

Eric Bolling and, at times, Andrea Tantaros round things out with their extensive business knowledge. Being a trader myself I love the insights gleaned from them. Also, being in Santa Barbara, I've been listening to The Dennis Miller Show since he started introducing us to such unforgettables as Andrew Breitbart, God rest his soul. I think history will remember him as a seriously pivotal factor at this crucial time.

Somehow I've survived.

Thanks, one and all!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Terrence Malick’s "The Tree of Life" Has Been Scrutinized Intensely

The following scene has been scrutinized intensely as a unique interpretation of choicez within nature.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dagny Would Want This Bizzarinni Made Out Of Reardon Metal

Obama’s Second Term Tax Plans – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

I know it's popular among my readers to believe that it's possible to "get back at greedy corporations". If you drive a car (who doesn't?) you will pay for the lawsuits waged against Oil companies, ACLU lawyers as well as the higher taxes the Government is only too willing to take in the form of a percentage of a higher more taxes. Higher costs in gas benefit the government, therefore they have no incentive to lower costs whose only product, by the way, is regulating. Advocates frame this increase as getting back at big business. No one seems to think of the government as greedy. It's all a matter of perception, and unfortunately, a very successful sales job done on our youth. This message never gets out because of that marketing I was referring to and carries little weight, because it's unpopular. Stop driving completely and sell your car if you want to save the planet. Get real! Watch the video, no matter what you think of my delusions.

Obama’s Second Term Tax Plans – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

Our President wants to keep his subjects emotionally dissatisfied and he's good at it.