Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forbes Video Feed Reveals Challenges Facing Business Leaders

Armchair kibitzing is a little too easy these days. It's no mystery the middle class in the USA is being squeezed from both ends.
Adam Carolla has found a way to make light of the situation by bringing his adroit humor to a bleak scene by finding similarities between those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and those who find leftover plastic spoons in their pockets in his book, "Rich Man Poor Man".
Let's face it. The media outlets are in the business to inform us and though they are also squeezed, there is somewhat of a cushion from the rawness of a downward spiral, since they've had the wits to create their careers and the wits to dance a little more effectively than the rest of us. They seem so poised; wish I could be that comfortable, knowing this morning that a political decision about a certain Canadian pipeline to refineries down south has taken precedence over the good of the country by someone in over his head, or merely ideological. The race is on. Will we have a future?
Sallie Krawcheck, former Head of Global Wealth Management at Bank of America and Molly Ashby founder and CEO of Solera Capital have been in the hot seat through the volatile anti-business period that feels, still, like a tightening noose. This interview is exemplary of what it takes to take on the challenges of micro and macro economics. This interview gives us a window into a set of challenges that help us to get a glimpse of the large picture. Sallie Krawcheck and Molly Ashby are leaders as is evident in the following interview. The interview helps to permanently broaden a context of understanding.

It was so refreshing to hear Sallie clarifying 'diversity' to pertain to diversity of viewpoint rather than skin color. During the interview Sallie knew she had to clarify. 'Diversity' is another word hijacked by political correctness that tends to warp our language and require clarification. Our language is mired in catch phrases.
But make no mistake in analyzing the course of our country. We are in trouble because our current President not only can't juggle enough to stay ahead of things, but pays more homage to Saul Alinski than to you or me.
If Obama's heart were in the right place, he could learn something studying the pace of these womens' challenges, but his vanity allows him to run off and play golf when the country's plateau of permanence is tipping wildly, much like the floor of the recent cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Italy. Come to think of it, vanity is at the heart of "entitlement". Certainly the vain don't think they have anything to learn, but are entitled to whatever anyone else has. Some children just don't grow up, or lack the perspective to value true leadership.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Atlas Shrugged Is More Relevant Now Than Ever

The new documentary about Ayn Rand's book; "Atlas Shrugged" may be enough to wake the sleeping masses as to question the destination of the path on which our Government has embarked. Simply by word of mouth, sales of the book written in 1957 have steadily doubled since 2008. The documentary predictably will fight an uphill battle to attract viewers as the formerly free media of our great country has become a defacto tool of those who would choose to obfiscate rather than enlighten those with truly open minds who seek freedom in the image of our founders. Spread the word because it is such a pity that mere information and exposure to creative ideas would be channeled, derailed and suppressed much as it was in Ayn Rand's original homeland, Russia. If you've read her book, you know how vital it is to try to inform others so we may turn the tide if, in fact, history is to repeat itself. I sadly regret that the good intentions of my generation attempting open dialogue and healthy, well meaning comraderie may, in fact, repeat errors of the past rather than achieve an utopian existence. After all, I experimented with Geodesic domes, communes in Oregon, John C. Lilly's research with Dolphins,"Be Here Now", Windham Hill, "Other Homes and Garbage" from the Stanford Press,"Canyon",etc etc hoping that "we all would do the right thing and not hurt others", but there are always a few bad apples that mess everything up, so we must create our existence in a much more conventional (and adult) way. Our current leadership is advocating Utopia while secretly operating like Chicago thugs! The master of eloquence during the late 50s, William F. Buckley discusses his work with Ayn on the Tony Rose Show. I'm not sure Ron Paul would steer the country to our liking as our President, though he's far preferable to our current Pres. In the following video, Ron has asked Alan Greenspan, former head of the Fed, to sign Ron's original copy of "Atlas Shrugged". Alan Greenspan was said to have known and been in alignment with Ayn Rand's philosophy in the 60s. In the video Ron is discussing the event of the signing asked Greenspan if he felt the need to write in a disclaimer with his signature. So, who is John Galt?