Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The 2015 Throw Down Cornhole Tournament at Spencer Makenzie's Drew A Sizable Crowd

The block party of the year rocked Ventura August 29th and 30th as pros competed for sizable awards at The 2015 Throw Down Cornhole Tournament.  Superb music with multiple bands both days rocked!  The new 360 video helps to make it feel like you're there. After the Awards ceremony the band absolutely nailed "Going Down" and "Red House" to perfection. As the serious contenders wrapped up their activities, hobbyists were able to try their skills. You can jump ahead on the video and use the mouse icon on the right to open a carousel below the video that enables you to look in different direction.  You can zoom in with the mouse wheel to compensate for the added overview elevation of the camera source.  Zoom out and you get the little planet effect.

BTW The camera is in beta testing.  Further improvements are in the firmware pipeline, editing software contrast control and just about anything that will get this HDV content in tune with our expectations.  That said, this is a medium in its infancy.

The Cornhole Throw Down Awards At Spencer Makenzie's Block Party

Top competitors took home $4000! This is not meant to be a thorough article on the event, but a video so a vier can get the feel of the event.