Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Me Help US!

Hi everybody! I haven’t been writing anything serious for quite awhile now. Why, you say? It is a consequence of my current disappointment with the leadership of our Country for the last year or so. I’m appalled at the lack of cohesion to sound moral principles evident in what is considered leadership giving direction to our future. As an American, I aspire to do my part to create moral fiber bit by bit, brick by brick, as it were. After all, freedom isn’t a given, but must be fought for and won over and over. In the words of R. Reagan, “Freedom is never really far from extinction, but must be fought for by each generation.” We must guard ourselves from becoming complacent lest we awaken a sleeping giant who means us harm. The current crop of freshmen in Washington have much potential, but we can’t solely rely on them.

It should be no surprise what we see transpiring around the world. Unfortunately, our current leadership welcomes the chaos and hopes it erupts in our own backyard so he can “save us” by making radical changes unwelcome during peaceful times. His dwindling supporters are still deluded into thinking he’s acting in the Country’s best interests and are convinced his silence is indicative of earnest efforts at thwarting disaster, but hope against hope, he isn’t, but I fear he is a merchant of chaos. Writers across the globe are still trying to derive logical explanations and trying to understand what the plan for our future may be, since the admission of transparency has clearly been trumped by ideology. Many are wondering if the choices unfolding are steps in a logical sequence or just a series of random steps reacting as one who is in over his head and is just “dancing as fast as he can.”

We, as Americans, always have the potential for a powerful and dynamic society, but can’t take it for granted as we must create it, brick by brick after our nurturing as youngsters from the adults who raised us. Most of us have been nurtured with strong family values, but there are those among us who have felt the need to fight for morsels their whole lives, thus lacking the backbone for civility as they feel their survival is constantly under threat and “need handouts” to survive. Remaining childlike and sucking on the nurturing teat our whole lives is, indeed an option, if we want to see our country die as so many have before. We are but a young society and I am unwilling to repeat the errors of the Roman Empire. Are you?

So please, heed these words. Help me create our future. Think before you act. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you etc, etc. There are many adages that people live by. Choose your own, but choose!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Perfect Casting For Atlas Shrugged!

Oh, and by the way....READ THE BOOK and be as open minded as you say or think you are.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tatra 87 Used To Cruise Through My Neighborhood

When I was a kid living in La Capite above Vesenaz a couple of miles outside Geneva two of these cars, maybe even this pair would drive by. I was always curious about them. Maybe someone may let me know their rolling pedigree?