Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Richard Dawkins, Avid Atheist, Discusses Faith Studiously With Jon Stewart Who Honors His Guest Gratiously

Dawkins and Stewart do a fairly good job revealing two viewpoints on religion and atheism resulting in no real resolve other than that Faith has blindness as an aspect that accepts an abandonment of logic at some point. We all have our opinions and since we can only factually prove our current existence as our life span, what comes before or after are conjecture. I personally "believe" that life is infinite and it's presumptuous to assume that there is a beginning and an end to "everything", such as "the big bang" theory. Couples of stars and or suns rotate around each other and one shattered and created our end of the milky way in our Universe, but it's self centered to think that that was the start of everything. I don't think anyone can put a nice little bow on beginnings and endings, but the viewpoint that observes is indeed infinite, a part of some divine entity. But that's just conjecture and I know it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Google Developers Live at I/O 2013 - GoogleX

I love being a Google Business Photographer! It has been such a blessing to have learned the process and implement images onto Google Maps. Subsequently I have met others exhuberant in their implementation of their efforts within this evolutionary path we know as Google.