Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Powerless Injustice

[Click on the title to see Mike Roger's referenced video]
It's shocking that clearly stating the obvious as the rep from Michigan did on the "floor" is so easily dismissed by other supposed representatives.
I've felt a similar powerless injustice certainly as an irrational kid, as can be expected. But as an adult it's much less tolerated. I was at a car auction in Palm Springs at a vintage car race 20 years ago. I was looking at a funky little Triumph Herald convertible circa 1965 completely restored that was with the various Ferraris, Maseratis and formula cars, when I felt the brush of the back of a Arab Sheik's dismissive hand shooing me away from his space as he had a look. In shock I glared at him, but he never looked my way; just deferred me to his bodyguard who looked prepared to eliminate me if I so much as touched his boss, living within his rules as I'm sure he did. That dismissive wave of the hand spoke volumes.

I have felt that same powerless injustice when I was invited by a renter in my house (past tough times) to visit his extended family for dinner. I caught slight undercurrents of resentment that I had it so easy as an American citizen, while this group of brothers was living outside the tax structure of our country as maids, gardeners, mechanics (from whom I bought a Volvo), car painters and car auction buyers. Our way of life is under attack and there is glee around the world as Obama, their savior, is putting us in our place. It's clear that there is a sense of entitlement at "getting even", that those of us who've worked hard need to step aside now. The White House is no longer insulating us from the laws of the jungle. There has been no other more dangerous time for our country. Mark Levin's book, "Liberty and Tyranny" has helped clarified the core values that are a reference as we feel our lives slowly eroding. I fear critical mass is much closer than we think, though we're lucky to have many well positioned advocates of our free enterprise system acting as weather vanes. Sometime, deplorably, we may not be able to talk among ourselves.