Thursday, April 11, 2013

Margaret Thatcher Crystallizes Conservative Values Eloquently

It appears that when business is demonized, getting a job ironically becomes betrayal to the group.  Is the group more important than individual liberty?  That is the question being asked across this country right now.  Do public services really uplift?  Certainly a business consists of a group working towards completion of a tangible goal and service of some kind; burger, car, bridge.  Aren't those who demonize business choosing a group that can only leech off of success?  Choose to support success and watch the standard of living rise in this country.  Choose social services for recovery and watch sickeningly hobbled businesses contemplate seeking relief which will certainly not include hiring anyone.  Give companies relief and prosper!  The fast track to socialism will dampen enlightenment.  Be a leader, choose a leader to follow, don't follow followers!