Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's the definition of a racist in 2008?

Mark Levin (http://marklevinshow.com/) mentioned the definition of a racist is someone who's winning a discussion with a democrat. The art of debate is no longer valued in a world of political correctness. To elaborate from this keyboard, discussion about anything slightly controversial leads to name calling as a means of ending further discussion. If we continue on this path, even more basic freedoms may disappear. Mark Levin throws around the term "facists" for the politically correct "mandate" in Universities; strong language, to be sure, but a description that has developed legs and one he's very proud to have originated in this context. Note that we have heard that the effort to silence Rush and his ilk will be less restricted were a democrat to get into office.

When a person starts accomplishing anything, there's always someone nearby who would prefer a level playing field, i.e. one where the creative can't distance themselves by accomplishment. If you want to accomplish anything, get used to the flack, but don't let it bother you. The presidency is a tough game. Obama would be wise to act as though controversial cartoons on major publications like the New Yorker don't faze him. The new Yorker claims that the cover of their magazine was presenting Obama and his wife in a satirical sense, but the reaction reveals that such a viewpoint was lost on the presidential candidates. But also, Obama seems to be too thin skinned to deal with the heat. The public is being told what is off limits step by step. Most of us could deal with such a jab. Who in their right mind would elect into the presidency someone so thin skinned? This little game is all about being elected. Obama is untested in any other arena. Imagine discussions with heads of state in other countries bamboozling this naive soul?

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