Sunday, February 10, 2019

Travelling Through Time

Every time I lift the brass handle, hear that familiar hand built waxed wood opening sound of wood on wood, I feel a pleasure ride through time; sounds of simplicity.  The handle release echoes sounds unchanged through the passage of time.  How the world has changed though the echoes  of that sound.  What circumstances and for what purpose was that drawer opened in 1763?

Having spent years building and designing fine furniture for others, my senses put me in the mind of the builder and user of fine works that have travelled through time to arrive at this moment in history of infinite "nows". Yes, history becomes progressively precious as that string of "nows" accumulates.  As a builder, the unexpected details left unfinished on the backs of drawers or on the undersides reveal decisions of the builder as the piece came together. Such details add rather than subtract as they reveal the journey of the hand craft.  Uneven dovetails predate later mechanization; a testament.

Travels open our minds to the infinite creativity of builders throughout our planet that have chosen to respect the trees from whence their hands have hewn organizers for possessions that frame our lives in a nest of refined quality.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quite an education!

The Paramount Ranch Set Is No More

With all the loss of life and property in our area due to fire, it may seem trivial by comparison to mention the loss of a favorite stomping ground, Paramount Ranch. It's absence due to fire is a grim reminder that I never visited enough. It was so much fun for us to immerse ourselves in the extensive set used for various productions, most recently, "Westworld". We are so glad Vince did a Google tour in 2013!

Amber And I Take A Drive In The Miata