Monday, May 7, 2012

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street

There's so much rational confidence among educated Americans who support an idealized form of socialism that they think is possible in this country. Paradoxically, the very existence of this confidence stems from the very freedom that many seem to denounce in favor of their utopian vision. Youthful confidence has been the source of the socialist experiment for centuries, though creeping corruption and human resentments about relative duties has always resulted in totalitarian dictatorships. After all, how do thousands of ideas get "on the same page"? The Green movement gives the apparency of such unity, but they exist within a free society, so it's really just academic. Take away those structures of freedom and then let's see the confidence level. Westerns were a main staple of TV as American industry grew. The raw immediacy of core social structures was flimsy, as the evil monopolist would coerce the weak. Hollywood's values are strikingly similar today but the bad guy is the greedy company executive. "Funny how countless people flee socialist "paradises" all the time to escape to capitalist America and warn us of the dangers of following down that path while you never see any lefties here pack their bags for one of these places, even after threatening to do so every time a Republican wins the presidential election" (Ironhawk86) There were attempts to disrupt the 1%er, "Peter Schiff". Many have fixed opinions and were looking for supporters, while some of the younger were willing to absorb and learn from their experience of the evening in NY city at the Occupy Wallstreet gathering. To conclude here, I've gone back to the former soviet clarifying intent.