Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oil prices are on everyone's mind.

The astronomical increases on oil prices are dampening an already damp economy. Americans are suffering under the burden. To add insult to injury, the decrease in consumption has motivated various states to consider raising taxes to make up the shortfall in revenues!

Iran has launched long range missiles in tests to let their neighbors in Israel and collaterally the United States know they have no reason to rest easy.

The presentation of global warming in schools often falls into the category of indoctrination rather than a topic of study for young minds.

Such a complex, yet fluid situation calls for exceptional leadership, since the potential for grave consequences exists. Although we hardly expect leadership during a lame duck session we can't expect anyone to step up to the plate. Our representatives have become experts at deflecting our attention from serious issues, in order to maintain their ascendancy.

Certainly we all make choices and must live with the consequences if we're to be responsible citizens. We struggle to create lives that are stepping stones to our dreams, if we dare. But there appears to be an elitist disconnect in Washington from the society at large. We have had a rude awakening from the complacency we rode into November of 2007. It seems to be human nature to save the best of times as a baseline, since we're always striving to improve. But the reckless greed that resulted in the real estate crisis set us up for a freefall. There really are consequences for bad decisions. But do we really want to expect the government to bail us out of problems? Lee Iaccoca borrowed money awhile ago as we held our breaths in disbelief. Where are we now as a nation? As United States citizens we have to work at being good citizens. Responsibilities precede rights, but how often we forget these simple truths.

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