Monday, August 27, 2012

Joni Mitchell On Charlie Rose in 2008

Joni answers questions about her childhood motivations here. To me her songs always offered great insight into life, while her musical lyricism was very inspirational. She went from a raw simplicity to very complex tonalities early on. Her tour with Pat Methany and Jaco Pastorius was a powerful wave on through to Amelia, probably because I saw her on stage several times during that period. I lived music then. Although the video was in 2008, it was prescient as she always has been a true philosopher. I agree with her accessment of what has happened in our country as her prescient vision has been amplified in the last few years! Here's some more Pat Methany and more.

Joni and James

One of my absolute favorites! From 1967

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ryan Discusses Ayn Rand Influences

The sharks are circling, as they always do in Washington when anyone takes a bold stance. So often, they wither on the vine, caving to the onslaught, how ever well intentioned or informed. But the sparring of gamesmanship is not really as much of an issue in our “politics as usual” city this time around. We yearn for direct discussion of the issues rather than a whittling down by hairsplitting to the point of stagnation, the paralysis of analysis, because government accountability is essential. If only the current standard of sniping over character strengths seen only as targets could be blown out of the water by someone who is comfortable debating and directing conversation to elucidate obfuscation so endemic within our government decision making. If an idea can’t be described in a straightforward manner without the need of a lawyer, then let’s revisit it. Ryan has persisted in a vision which is refreshing, though he may not please everyone. He’s willing to put something on the table and let it be shot full of holes.