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I Feel Good - James Brown - Pomplamoose

The Goodbye Song - by Pomplamoose

Nataly Dawn singing I'll Be Seeing You, by Billie Holiday

I Started a Joke - (the Bee Gees) by Nataly Dawn and Lauren O'Connell

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Nataly & Ryan

Mister Sandman - The Chordettes

This was my favorite song when I was 5 or so. This version is perfect!

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Pomplamoose VideoSong - Pas Encore

Do Not Push - A Gotye Call Me Maybe Mashup by Pomplamoose

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast wi...

There are several courageous leaders willing to speak without fear of repercussions. We should all feel comfortable doing so, especially in this country. What a shock it has been to see the polarity of acceptance demean those who have different views often with a vicious tinge that should scare us all, but is generally accepted as we complacently steel ourselves to a spiral of limited expectations. Freedom isn't a given. It must be fought for as we strive towards a higher purpose.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Squirrel Steals Airplane

Republican Money Raising Tactics Pressuring For Ads Aren't Necessarily Worthwhile

Republican money raising tactics pressuring for ads aren't necessarily worthwhile.

Conservatives review their voting material, pay attention to local as well as National representative office races and vote their conscience.  Powerful advertising warps reality subtly and muddies clarity.  Conservatives generally vote Republican, even though the party affiliations aren't completely representative.  Conservatives tend to be proactive about their freedoms to control their destinies and stay above the mud slinging and character assassination intrinsic to "ends justify the means" Democratic politics.

Also, Conservatives, like most rational, rather than emotional decision makers, are not in the habit of undermining their opponent's characters.  To their political detriment in the current political climate, Conservatives tend to debate on merit relying on traditional debate decorum.  Mitt Romney could have ripped up President Obama on the Bengazi fiasco, but he chose to be civil, presenting himself as an honorable man and refraining from capitalizing on the current administration's definite missteps in the Bengazi terrorist attack, leaving the President with the ridiculous and insulting and lame story that "Al Quaida is defeated".  To a majority of the public that misses these subtleties but relies on "in your face" messages, Mitt's refrain went unnoticed.  The clean cut honorable American image seems to be an image of the past as the Democratic "ends justify the means" throws decorum to the wind.

Tea Party conservatives honor the Constitution and are so identified by the "Taxed Enough Already" statement, pure and simple.  The derision you associate with Constitutionalists of their ilk is from various Democratic and often Republican "blue blood" groups seeking to diffuse their message, and in the case of certain Republicans, to distance themselves from what they see as a "hooligan" aspect of middle America.

You will hear and see expertly produced political advertisements tearing up nominees.  Business is business on both sides; remember that at the polls.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paying It Forward Seems Counter Intuitive, Or?

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard, on the Living Your Inspired Life Sunday Program with Susan Burrell, Nipun Mehta discussing his "Pay It Forward" philosophy.

Intrinsic in his message is "Giftivism" which changes a person who gives freely.  Generosity and kindness are the currency.  Nipun talks about a universal ripple effect. One of the projects he references is Kharma Kitchen; a restaurant where you arrive, eat and pay for the following people as someone else has paid for your meal already, since they have paid it forward previously:  Counter intuitive to say the least!

 Receiving too much can elicit a sense of guilt that can lead to an unresolved need to reciprocate with no satisfying way to do so. Many of us in America feel we have so much when others have so little. As long as we keep it local and personal, we don't feed into megalomaniacal politicians who claim to have answers to "help us" with our need to give. How many more bureaucratic entities do we need, anyway? Even though original intent is brushed off regularly, with workshops etc within agencies, during personal periods of scarcity, where basic survival kicks in and a feeling that "we don't have enough" seeps into the bureaucracies and ways to "game" the system often lead to corruption if there are not enough givers in an organization to keep them on track. Agencies, after all, rely strictly on "good intentions" because there's no free market using healthy competition with intrinsic checks and balances, only rules and regulations.

There is a varying percentage of people worldwide who have become aware of such universal truths and chose this method when available as they're in touch with their higher selves.  It can be a simple pleasure and they may appreciate an opportunity to share their sense of gratitude while meeting others who also share across boundaries.  Different parts of the world have connected to their higher selves by different methods and religions.  Our currently fractured world needs a strong frame of reference in solid leadership to be reminded the beauty of stability.

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An Old (?) College Friend Reveals A Life Of Dreams Few Accomplish

What a delight it was when I discovered that an old (relatively speaking) College friend from Chapman College was the builder of this refined beast!  I just got off the phone from a lengthy "catch up" conversation.
His dreams were in a different realm than my own!  I still have a photographic image etched in my memory of him cleaning the hinges inside the front hood of what I believe I remembered to be a 1964 Porsche when the rest of the gang was on the way to Newport Beach during College around 1970.  His grasp of what was possible was outside my realm, I'm willing to admit now.  The discovery of this treat of automotive excellence is a tribute to just how much of a genius he is.  I just got off the phone after a lengthy conversation with Phil who left LA 10 years ago so he could build toys that could still breathe; a mixture of gas to air, that is.  Turns out he'd been a stunt driver for years.  My hat's off to Phil!

William Davis - Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain

The Truth About Fish Oil | Omega-3s for Weight Loss

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Aesthetic Of Friction by Matthias Laschke and Marc Hassenzahl

Pleasurable Troublemakers are designs intent on urging each of us to choose wisely through "The Aesthetic Of Friction".  the example that drew me in is a key station that has a hook for bike keys and one for your car.  If you choose the car key, the bike key falls to the floor engaging you to lean over and pick it up, friction in your daily life intent on giving you time to reconsider your choice.  Pick the bike key and the car key stays hooked.

ReMind is a "pleasurable troublemaker" deliberately designed to make people reflect about and help them overcome procrastination.  It is a tangible, wall mounted calendar/todo-list-like object, continuously confronting users with their self-set personal goals.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Would Freud Say About This?

The Big Bang Theory Seen As An Absolute

When the Big Bang is seen as a "beginning" of everything, what came before the big bang is seen as an absolute by a large vocal majority; divinity or nothing to name a couple of "tribes views".

Why?  Chances are, the non vocal sit in my camp where infinity has no absolute starts and stops.  The expansion of the Big Bang was the result of a compression that occurred on the other end of the wormhole of a black hole somewhere else.  There was something that came before. We're just a spec in timeless infinity.  The moment we call "now" will be repeated endlessly, and has happened forever, whether we experience it or not:  World without end.  Do our egos need to contain time?  I'm sure you have other things to worry about. We're all scientists of a sort because we test results, make choices for some things and reject others.  If we hit our heads against a problem and it doesn't work, we try something else.  We don't justify failure, except to hide the truth then hope for the best as incremental lies pile up as in the case of GM lately.
The absolute stance has become an ax to grind for vocal talking heads.  Grinding axes and complaining about the motives of the other guy, whoever, as a focus of derision is what has splintered our society.  We do need to continue to create our lives with those we love so our future will align with our goals in a civil big picture.  The fragility of this balancing act we call society and the blindness that has at least half of our society blithely dancing towards oblivion without foresight of the consequences is beyond reckless.

Enthusiasts or sometimes, fanatics can get so serious about perceived injustices that they make unrecoverable errors in judgement that result in messes like the recent Bundy Nevada lands rights issues.  There are millions of educated people who may have good intentions, though lacking in specific education of issues pertaining to rural areas. Sometimes a true picture of rural issues becomes diminished in value by educated bureaucrats who develop warped self importance without regard for the voices of a populace lacking in a clear, cohesive plan, but comfortably living their self chosen lives.  Small incremental, seemingly innocuous  decisions have a cumulative effect,and seem to have been made in a vacuum oblivious to the facts on the ground in many rural areas, made by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by relative extremists educated at some of the best universities, which some call indoctrination in the last 2 decades, as they succumb to extreme views that can lead to actions that degrade the lives of the free thinking.  Brought into focus recently is the "educated" approach to The Fish and Game agency as regards the "proper" use of Federal lands.  The American population, when motivated to take a stand come across as a hodge podge of voices, which can be expected since the cry to arms won't be specific to the multitude of injustices wrought on various individuals by the monolithic bureaucracy.  But the Bundy issue has woken the sleeping giant of the moral majority in nature not name.

Many of us have our own scientific theories about the products of those universities, but the least intelligent among college grads who see knowledge as a weapon rather than as a solvent of problems are quick to let outsiders know they are never-the-less superior since they are after all educated, and therefore immune from logic that does not appeal to them.  The "groupthink' protects their ranks.  The blindness and disdain of debate is creating a generation of potential facists blithely projecting their "dis-ease" on what they feel are nonbelievers and cavalierly referred to as "racists", a most inflammatory moniker, certainly flaming the fire and disinterested in solving anything!

Motivations are at the core.  We may be lulled into agreement if we encounter someone of greater influence who believes as we do.  They can be the spokesperson for our views, so we can get on about our own busy lives.  That's the lazy way.  Let yourself be content with the intent; very dangerous indeed.  Hitler and mussolini were known to be very charismatic in their early influence and no one could have predicted where their choices would lead!  No one would predict any comparisons of that awful chapter of history to any current leader but awareness of potential consequences of incremental change is vital.  We take our stability for granted and are regularly lulled into complacency.

Government employees in this administration lack accountability.  As Gutfeld, a political satirist, said, "If there had been endangered turtles in Benghazi would that have ilicited a quicker response?"  Hillary has a narrative but little else and has been given a pass.

Top Gear - The Perfect Road Trip (Filming in Monaco)

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Pete Seeger - "Forever Young"

I was not aware that Pete Seeger had written this, having heard it sung by Bob Dylan on the airwaves for so long.

Some people are old at 18 and some people are young at 90...time is a concept that humans created.