Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Old (?) College Friend Reveals A Life Of Dreams Few Accomplish

What a delight it was when I discovered that an old (relatively speaking) College friend from Chapman College was the builder of this refined beast!  I just got off the phone from a lengthy "catch up" conversation.
His dreams were in a different realm than my own!  I still have a photographic image etched in my memory of him cleaning the hinges inside the front hood of what I believe I remembered to be a 1964 Porsche when the rest of the gang was on the way to Newport Beach during College around 1970.  His grasp of what was possible was outside my realm, I'm willing to admit now.  The discovery of this treat of automotive excellence is a tribute to just how much of a genius he is.  I just got off the phone after a lengthy conversation with Phil who left LA 10 years ago so he could build toys that could still breathe; a mixture of gas to air, that is.  Turns out he'd been a stunt driver for years.  My hat's off to Phil!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Aesthetic Of Friction by Matthias Laschke and Marc Hassenzahl

Pleasurable Troublemakers are designs intent on urging each of us to choose wisely through "The Aesthetic Of Friction".  the example that drew me in is a key station that has a hook for bike keys and one for your car.  If you choose the car key, the bike key falls to the floor engaging you to lean over and pick it up, friction in your daily life intent on giving you time to reconsider your choice.  Pick the bike key and the car key stays hooked.

ReMind is a "pleasurable troublemaker" deliberately designed to make people reflect about and help them overcome procrastination.  It is a tangible, wall mounted calendar/todo-list-like object, continuously confronting users with their self-set personal goals.