Thursday, July 24, 2008

Squeaky Wheels are Rarely Conventional

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Groups with specific aims and agendas find ways to further their causes. Some have great success. Others fall be the wayside or percolate out of sight. Some grow from fledglings to powerhouses. The Internet has made transcontinental and even global reach relatively easy.

There has always been a silent majority that has solid core values and is unaffected by fringe groups and other extreme special interest groups because of their steadfastness in living and creating admirable lives for their families and loved ones. Special interest groups often brush on core issues, but often only tangentially as a contextual frame of reference for a more extreme position.

I'm cavorting around the Midwest this weekend preparing to attend my niece's wedding. After a few years in Southern California, I was reluctantly becoming convinced that irreconcilable polarities were no longer open to debate. The Midwest gives great hope. Debate is not dead! The heartland has true heart!

So often in "sunny southern California", once I've chosen a conservative stance on an issue, I'm given a sullen stare pregnant with disdain for my ignorance of being less educated than the liberal one who has quickly realized that I am unworthy of their time. I see such a reaction as insecurity on their part as they have often had an unwillingness to freely debate outside of their comfort zone. One could even call such a resistance to change stodgy and full of vanity. How is it that the liberal with all that open mindedness is so resistant to change? The vain have no need for outside viewpoints once they feel that critical mass for acceptance has been reached for their viewpoint. Open debate is intrinsic to inclusivity. The liberal mind is convinced of it's open mindedness, yet vanity dictates a selective open mindedness, such as Al Gore's global warming hysteria, a topic not open to debate. The indoctrination of the youth is almost complete. Orwell's groupthink has erupted from the most unlikely place.

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