Friday, November 20, 2015

Chairman Gowdy’s Opening Statement at Immigration Hearing

This is the core stuff that is the source of all the media with their various agendas that lead to people talking in circles.  The President's job is to protect us.  There are no records for many if not most of the refugees currently changing the world forever.  Willy nilly partisan sqwabbling should take the back seat to assurances of our public health and safety.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Firing Line - Thomas Sowell w/ William F. Buckley Jr. (1981)

A very young and sharp Thomas Sowell discussing things that political correctness would find questionable.

A Reagan Forum with Greg Gutfeld — 11/16/15 @ 7:00 p.m.

Greg has a new book out. I must admit, books that cover current events can be a little difficult. A little bit of loyalty to the writer can help my "stick to it"ivness.

 Fortunately I stumbled upon Greg on a crazy late night show that would have otherwise serious journalists and TV news anchors and such acting like they're at a party...."Red Eye". They were tackling razor wit with good music and the kind of banter you'd find in a Manhattan bar after hours, something pretty far removed from my perch here in a beach town in California. So I was getting what I was missing.

There is a frenetic energy like Red Bull thrown into the mix and a loose edge as though a few mistakes made here and there weren't critical, except at half time when the fact checker would chime in to keep some level of accuracy. Greg invited four guests who would tackle a few items of the day with their takes: Think Tony Rose with no pomp.

 Around that time I was listening to Dennis Miller on the radio as he had guests on the radio. He had a guy named Andrew Breitbart on the radio one day. Andrew had married the daughter of a Hollywood celebrity and was discussing with Dennis what he was up to. Andrew had a particular interest in righting wrongs as he saw them. Turns out, his way of looking at things ran against the grain of the popular Hollywood mindset and was completely politically incorrect though he'd been Liberal  through College, like most of us.  Remember that whole "acorn" fiasco about government money financing questionable activities? He was the guy who helped get that story out. He was illuminating activities that "created" jobs in a subversive, uninspirational vein and was showing the double standard where liberals got a pass and conservatives were over zealously hassled to hinder their success. There is a lot to accept on faith here as substantial explanations are missing. That will be in a later entry. For now, sit back and experience the mind of Gutfeld, one of Breitbart's (may he rest in peace) drinking buddies.