Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of the Clouds of Utopia.

I wonder what all those poor sheltered Bush haters are going to do when their great hope is illuminated with the harsh truths of our current situation? President Obama is very bright and even, at times, appears to be in disbelief himself with his grave responsibility and opportunity to tackle the greatest challenge of our time. But he has real decisions to make now, the kind that made Bush very unpopular. There are many dems that feel he’s just a swaggering politician, not presenting the change he promised.
We’re not privy to the horrors that President Obama has discovered since he’s been exposed to secure information. “Gitmo” is to be closed, but “renditions” (sending prisoners to their country of origin without access to details of their detention) is to remain in effect under the Obama administration; an indication of an understanding that a level of restraint is necessary. The decisiveness to close Guantanimo prison so resolutely appeared reckless since a fully informed decision apparently was of secondary importance to a campaign promise.
The sloppy accounting practices of Geithner and Daschle (60 staffers and $83k per month for consulting) don’t sound like a change we can believe in. But Geithner speaks Chinese and he and his father are old friends of Henry Kissinger, so what’s a little $45k of back taxes? And now Daschle has withdrawn as “Health and Human Services Director”. Pay for play is more subtle in DC than in Illinois. In the words of Mark Stein, “How much in back taxes are you willing to pay to be in the Obama Cabinet?”
The left seem patient about their own cabinet members’ moral compasses, because their entrenchment at emotionalism aimed at Bush primarily was for entertainment value. The Right needs its own acerbic cartoonist to ridicule the characters entering Obama’s cabinet.
“Revolutionaries” may not consider themselves as such other than that they have established a comfort level whereby they have an arrogant certitude that the former President was a complete buffoon. Any group with common interests tends to lull themselves into a false moral sense. In their mutual support for each other the group-think can be such a narcotic that the possibility that another point of view may actually be correct can easily be ignored without follow up consideration, owing to a group comfort level.
When are the tides going to shift as the reality of the Obama Presidency gets out of the clouds of utopia?

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