Wednesday, February 4, 2009

College Culture

The local College radio station alarmingly uttered the concern that a recently won piece of liberal real estate was on the verge of being “Privitized”! The irony that activist college students use “power to the people” as a mantra is hilarious. Capitalism created higher education to grow the economy and culture. Government intervention in the process distorts the relative values of the services.
When President Obama promises that education will be available to everyone, even “undocumented workers”, the service of paying for this education becomes distorted, since teachers have invested varying amounts in their educations and compensation is negotiated. Incentives disappear when the government mandates, especially if no one gets a failing grade to protect people from low self esteem. Where’s the incentive to excel in this case? In many cases, Government workers don’t need to go to what private industry calls “acredited schools”, because they adapt to the lowest common denominator and, in effect, dumb down the education to eliminate the threat of failure. The “Bailout” package underway works towards this colorless world. The people who created it have been put in the position of fixing it. They, elitists, think we are incapable and in need of their greater “wisdom”. They are pushing the stimulus package because they have no idea that we are still operating on the coat tails of capitalism, and that’s why the margin of safety exists that obscures the results of socialist policies which have been underway insidiously since the first welfare check was written. They wish to limit CEOs’ incentives, but some don’t even pay their taxes or feel they need any limitations put on themselves. There is a varying time lag in effect from policy choices made of months if not years. Similarly, if this path is 100% victorious (a paradox), it would take years to get back to our current position. Hindsight is always 20/20. It will take years before the majority has the luxury to look back in hindsight at the present to see what and when steps were taken that resulted in a critical mass that changed our Country.
Before the “Boston Tea Party”, the British wanted the colonists to only accept certain tea sellers i.e. they were distorting the market with mandates. The colonists wouldn’t put up with it, and here we are: Land of the free and home of the brave?

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