Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Deconstruction Really A Possibility?

As a teen, in 1963, our family drove through the then Yugoslavia along the Adriatic Sea, up from Greece, on some rough roads through terrain that revealed lives seemingly on the edge. Cars were not common. We were a few days south of Dubrovnik. One afternoon we rounded a hillside and were miraculously surrounded by lush grounds and towering trees. An elegant hotel with a well dressed staff was the only accommodation available and though we traveled economically, we investigated the hotel for the night. Shiny Czechoslovakian limousines were parked here and there. The only room available was the honeymoon suite, which we accepted, because it wasn’t too expensive for us, considering the exchange rate from the country in which we lived at that time. We found out that we were in a vacation spot for the then Soviet Politburo; a place not for commoners.
The experience was a very rapid education on a totalitarian/elitist system. Elitists MUST maintain their superiority and separation in order to maintain their power. Interesting, isn’t it that those who spend time at certain positions in Washington DC do not have to share a medical future, nor retirement future with their constituents? Dare I call them elitists? Our new leaders are headed in a new direction; one welcomed by those who were not too fond of the Bush administration. For many years we have heard Gore preach about living within our means from his high perch of leadership where his own excesses have nothing to do with us from his audacious perspective, thinking that anyone who disagrees with his perception of truth is irrelevant. Snap out of it: This is about squaring the deal. The direction initiated has elements of the tenured professors in American Universities, as Saul Alinski, an early interest of both Hillary and Obama, advocates rapid fixes during catastrophes, be they fomented or real.
Is deconstruction really a possibility? Could we be seeing such a system unfolding before our eyes in the USA of all things?
Mayor Bloomberg has reported that 44,000 of the 8 million population of New York City pay 50% of the taxes. Tax them more as the bad guys targeted by the populists, and what if they leave town? Remember, Republicans are expected to pay taxes.
Rick Santelli on the trading floor of Chicago called for a Chicago Tea Party. The earlier the better, before bad policies take hold.
The parsing of words by the recently installed Burris AFTER the “porkulus” vote, to get the necessary 60 votes, is reminiscent of the obfuscation we became so disgusted with during the Clinton period. Obfuscation is the tool of the trade: Be as far from forthright as possible. As apparent anarchy ensues, the power brokers line their pockets while chaos gives them cover, under the cloak of catastrophe. Each party has been accused of such deceit. The Nation has recently been exposed to the murky, convoluted obfiscation that has been refined to a fine art as smooth Chicago politicians inadvertently reveal their modus operandi. But to what end? Sedition? What value is wealth and power with a world at a precipice of decay? The events of late are so unbelievable that the trail will only be apparent in retrospect, time frame unknown.
Anarchy is entertaining for students to experiment with when young, but this is no joke! There was the attempt to take over the census by Rahm Immanuel, just a little number to assure party power forever, seemingly a grab while everyone was looking the other way. Is it ethical for ACORN to be functioning in consort with the Presidency? Catastrophe is so essential to deliverance a la politics. The audacity driving events of late is unbelievable! The greatest country in the world and the fleecers are in the White House.
Welcome to the world of style over substance.

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