Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Five Bring Opposing Views Together With Wit!

Dear "The Five",

I like the wit you all bring into our homes; keep up the good work!

You have, in my view, the quintessential personalities and viewpoints represented on your show this poor battered country needs right now. You obviously have admiration for each other despite the differing views. Bob is a bit more human than the more pedantic Alan Colmes as a representative of their unbelievable viewpoint. I went through the 60s and I wasn't so warped. I started College in 1968, saw Hendrix and Traffic, experimented full bore like most everyone and one of my friends even burned the Bank Of America in Santa Barbara then went on to help McGovern. But Bob; you leave those ridiculous ideas in your youth! I mean, how can an intelligent person think like that???!!! Intelligence in wit only, methinks?

The reason for this email is the outrageous societal stretches done by Greg Gutfeld. It dawned on me that he may well be the Voltaire of our times! Having him sit next to the sweet and at times, saucy Dana Perino has changed her forever. There's no returning to her former self now that she's allowed herself to "grok" the meanderings of Gutfeld who honed his outrageousness in the quick witted "Redeye", but then, I'm from the hinterlands. What do I know?

I love the latitude that Kimberly Guilfoyle demonstrates when she's on your show rather than the relative straight jacket necessary for being "Fair and Balanced" which no one is in real life. In all reality, it was "The Factor" that initially opened the window to Foxnews and the Bolder, Fresher take on things. I enjoy Kimberly rockin' out during segways to commercials.

Eric Bolling and, at times, Andrea Tantaros round things out with their extensive business knowledge. Being a trader myself I love the insights gleaned from them. Also, being in Santa Barbara, I've been listening to The Dennis Miller Show since he started introducing us to such unforgettables as Andrew Breitbart, God rest his soul. I think history will remember him as a seriously pivotal factor at this crucial time.

Somehow I've survived.

Thanks, one and all!

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