Thursday, April 19, 2012

Excerpts From Charles Payne's Writings

The moral dishonesty concerning what our leadership tells the American people is galling. Or else they live in a bubble and really believe what they say??

Obama and Hobbes

The President is urging us not to believe in capitalism, and instead to work as a socialist collective, not unlike English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. This has been tried before and has detrimental flaws.

The World is On Fire

I'm flipping the channel last night and see Bill Maher with the most bogus chart ever. It showed fourth quarter GDP for America and a few other nations. America was 3.0% and all the others were much lower, some were negative. Bull!!!

All those countries were old stodgy European countries that have already wrecked themselves with the very policies Obama and Maher claim are the cure. In the meantime, that table somehow missed these countries (and their GDP growth) Angola (3.4), Argentina (7.3), Chile (4.5), China (8.9), Columbia (6.1), India (6.1), Indonesia (6.5), Israel (3.7), Kazakhstan (8.7), Latvia (5.7), Lithuania (4.3), Malaysia (5.2), Mexico (3.7), Mongolia (14.9), Namibia (3.80), Paraguay (3.4), Peru (5.5), Saudi Arabia (6.8), Singapore (3.6), South Korea (3.3) and Sri Lanka (8.43).

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