Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That sinking feeling...

To pull out of mutual funds into bonds or not? That is the question. Something needed to be done, but 150 billion in pork just to sweeten the deal? And sweeten it for the high level perpetrators???!!! With NumbersUSA I was starting to feel like I had just the slightest effect on my reps in Washington and now this! I used to have some respect for Bush, but it will only be in retrospect what clear choicez would have been appropriate under these impossible circumstances.

My greatest fear is that the dollar will lose it's prominance in world markets. If that were to happen, the cascade of troubles here at home would have a very viscous, syrupy layer of dismay. As long as the dollar remains the standard and our relatively free markets keep the layered flexibility intrinsic to our system we just might be able to stave off disaster! I will try to think of the bailout as a tool to stimulate liquidity and not evidence of a creeping socialism making inroads into our fragile society.

But then, again, there's nothing like a good crisis such as this to possibly rattle the frog savers loose long enough to realize that we can generate massive wealth in this country quickly if we were to dive after our oil here. I would be totally in favor of keeping the massive transfer of wealth here at home instead of it going to OPEC where many want to use our schools for their childrens' educations, suck up as much of our wealth as possible, then kill us! I've heard of save the whale. What happened to save the human from infinite stupidity?

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