Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democrats sidestepping morality?

Democrats are so lucky! From what we’ve seen lately, democrats don’t have the added scrutiny of morality to thwart their focus from the prize. Republicans regularly choose to step down from posts of leadership when under fire, while democrats brush off the significance of immoral acts with pseudo eloquent brevity: Could it just be a tip of the iceberg, and therefore relatively insignificant? There is not a level playing field.

The level of corruption seen in the voter fraud activity of ACORN is being downplayed with subtle vengeance, owing to the necessity to keep the true extent under wraps. There is no question one party has benefited from ACORN more than another. A senate subcommittee hearing has NOT been called, and, since the litmus test of Democratic involvement is silence rather than outrage under these circumstances, democrats are obviously benefiting, The American public has a right to know the full extent of the damage funded by tax dollars, but we have a quandary here, since Republicans distance themselves from the sense of entitlement necessary to insist on a subcommittee hearing.

Now is the time to take off the mittens of political correctness the democrats use to trap and stiffle their adversaries!

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