Thursday, October 9, 2014

Republican Money Raising Tactics Pressuring For Ads Aren't Necessarily Worthwhile

Republican money raising tactics pressuring for ads aren't necessarily worthwhile.

Conservatives review their voting material, pay attention to local as well as National representative office races and vote their conscience.  Powerful advertising warps reality subtly and muddies clarity.  Conservatives generally vote Republican, even though the party affiliations aren't completely representative.  Conservatives tend to be proactive about their freedoms to control their destinies and stay above the mud slinging and character assassination intrinsic to "ends justify the means" Democratic politics.

Also, Conservatives, like most rational, rather than emotional decision makers, are not in the habit of undermining their opponent's characters.  To their political detriment in the current political climate, Conservatives tend to debate on merit relying on traditional debate decorum.  Mitt Romney could have ripped up President Obama on the Bengazi fiasco, but he chose to be civil, presenting himself as an honorable man and refraining from capitalizing on the current administration's definite missteps in the Bengazi terrorist attack, leaving the President with the ridiculous and insulting and lame story that "Al Quaida is defeated".  To a majority of the public that misses these subtleties but relies on "in your face" messages, Mitt's refrain went unnoticed.  The clean cut honorable American image seems to be an image of the past as the Democratic "ends justify the means" throws decorum to the wind.

Tea Party conservatives honor the Constitution and are so identified by the "Taxed Enough Already" statement, pure and simple.  The derision you associate with Constitutionalists of their ilk is from various Democratic and often Republican "blue blood" groups seeking to diffuse their message, and in the case of certain Republicans, to distance themselves from what they see as a "hooligan" aspect of middle America.

You will hear and see expertly produced political advertisements tearing up nominees.  Business is business on both sides; remember that at the polls.

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