Monday, October 31, 2011

Explosive debate between Fox Business' Charles Payne and Union Leader: "I took my opportunity"

We hear the "Occupy Wall Street" voices wanting decent healthcare, decent schools and a decent chance at success:  Are we entitled to all the levels of services we expect?    We pay taxes and expect to have a safety net, but just how much of a cushion should citizenship offer? Unfortunately, salespeople within our Government who claim to represent US are determining the parameters and contexts of these issues and framing all this in a central planning way that is under heated debate.  There's nothing at all wrong with the debate, except when Congressional processes are bypassed.
Free market competition has motivated thousands of Americans made brilliant by their motivations and abilities, individually and/or collectively, to follow their dreams and create marvelous products.  American exceptionalism has improved life worldwide.  We have all benefited from an upward spiral driven by free markets with limited regulations.
There's been a simmering between the issues of the left and right, unfortunately made relatively concrete by professional protesters financed secretively.  Mob controlling experts avoid real issues prefering slogans and talking points, as their aim is chaos leading only to argumentative situations set up for a designated leader to "save the day".
Crowds can be destructive and lose focus.  At present, hopefully the seemingly diametrically opposed views within our country are being debated near Wall Street in Manhattan.  There are too many differing viewpoints within the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd to say with certainty that there is monolithic thought.
It's my feeling that history should be increased as part of the context for the debate.  If only the collectivists would be openly honest with their failed track record through history.  Even Ayn Rand's fictional "Atlas Shrugged" as a springboard for debate might help focus for progress.  Universities were once forums for open debate.  Optimism makes me sure that peoples' differences are being fleshed out with a minimum of people just pushing their points until devolved bickering ensues.  Am I a dreamer or what?  I'm sure there's a lot of hooky being played, but  there is an opportunity to make progress and Geraldo is there!

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