Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I was really wowed by this: Wired For Sound - Gibson Guitar Documentary

I started watching this and was amazed by so many "greats" sharing their thoughts about playing their guitars. Like many, I spent years finding refuge and total pleasure in playing and experimenting with sounds both with electric and acoustic guitars. Only on YouTube could you have such an experience as this and I don't know how long it will be that I can have stuff like this on my blog or if blogs are going to be continued to be supported thusly. There are so many little licks to learn on this video as well. After listening, I've resolved to finally add the capacitors on the rheostats on the electric so I can get rid of that 60 cycle hum I've tried to avoid for so long. I really want that full rich sound that would be embellished with the proper caps to smooth the response of those Humbuckers. Also, a set of strings for the acoustic and the 12 as well while I'm at it. The Ukulele is ok as it is. I thoroughly miss jamming while singing as it has been some of the most rewarding time spent period.

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